Precious Metals

Spot Gold & Silver Trading

24-hour trading precious metals market
Precious metals trading is carried out during the trading hours of different countries, so the market operates 24 hours a day, allowing investors the convenience to trade at any time.

buy (long) or sell (short)
Another advantage is that, unlike stocks, there are no limit on short selling of precious metals. If you think the price will fall, you can sell the commodity and buy it back when the price is lower (short). If you think the price will rise, you can buy the commodity and sell it when the price is higher (long). There are plenty of opportunities to profit whether the price rises or falls.

Low transaction costs
Mitrade offers dealing spreads from 0.5 (gold) /0.04 (silver) and free real-time quotes. Investors do not pay transaction commission.

High Level of liquidity
Since the precious metals market has matured, software and hardware support is very good, investors can trade precious metals anytime, anywhere. The daily trading volume of precious metals markets allows investors to trade in the 24-hour precious metals market transactions.

Leverage potentially magnify profits
Investor capital is relatively limited and the use of leverage allows you to make the most of relatively minor changes in the markets. If leverage is used properly it can increase profitability. Obviously, if abused, leverage can also increase your losses. The company provides up to 100 times leverage to facilitate investors to trade.

International perspective
Gold price is affected by several macro factors, including global inflation, monetary policy and interest rates, production and demand even geopolitical events, etc. Understanding the highly transparent news associated with these events is relatively easy. Through research on precious metals, you will be able to follow the global economic trends.




Product Symbol Lot Size Minimum
Tick Value Initial Margin
Spot Gold GOLD 100 ounces USD 0.01 USD 1 US$ 1,000
Spot Silver SILVER 5,000 ounces USD 0.001 USD 5 US$ 1,000

Trading spreads: the information above is for reference only, while Mitrade does try to provide competitive spreads, customers need to be aware that spreads may be increased above the minimum spread by market fluctuations.



Precious Metals Contract Specifications


Spot Gold

Spor Gold vs U.S. Dollar

Spot Silver

Spor Silver vs U.S. Dollar

Lot Size 100 ounces 5,000 ounces
Lot Size for
each Single Order
0.01 lots - 20 lots
Max. Open
100 lots
Initial Margin USD 1,000 per lot
Margin Level
When the account equity equals to 20% of used margin, the system may close current
open positions, starting form the most unprofitable trade, at current market price. The
process may continue until the account equity reaches above 20%of used margin.
Lock positions
This refers to holding the same product, in the same amount, but in opposing positions.
Lock positions require a 25% initial margin.
To unlock a locked position, 100% of initial margin is required
Weekend Margin
For clients who have open positions of 10 lots or above and the account equity falls
below 100% of initial margin, Mitrade may close the open positions at market price without
prior notice until the margin reaches above 100% of initial margin on:
Every last trading day (Friday) of the week;
The trading day before holiday (market closed), and
10 minutes before market closed
Swaps Please refer to the trading platform actual swap rate
Trading Hours
Summer Time: Sunday 23:00 to Friday 19:00
(Server Time: GMT+3 Monday 02:00 to Friday 22:00)

Winter Time: Sunday 23:00 to Friday 20:00
(Server Time: GMT+2 Monday 01:00 to Friday 22:00)
Day End Time
Summer Time: Everyday 21:00 (GMT+3 00:00)
Winter Time: Everyday 22:00 (GMT+2 00:00)



Precious Metals Trading Notes

Order Method Through the online trading platform or mobile platform during trading hours
Trading Method Market Order
Buy or sell at market price
Limit Order:
An order to buy or sell a product at the maximum or minimum price
Stop Order:
An order to buy or sell a product when the current market price surpasses the order price
OCO Order:
OCO orders combine a limit order with a stop order. A pair of orders that when the stop order or limit order
is executed, the other order will be cancelled.

If..Then Order:
If...then order consists of two orders. If the first order is executed, the other order
will be placed.
Expiry Mode Apart from market order, clients can set all types of orders on different expiration dates. Orders can expire:

* At any time until the week before the expiration of valid order(Good Till Time ) ;
* Until the last trading day of the week(Good Till Friday/Cancel);
* Good Till Time: the shortest time can be set at 10 minutes

* Please note that all limit orders may have special arrangements on international holiday which may be
announced before the relevant holiday.
Limit / Stop
Order Level
Apart from market orders, limit orders and stop orders level will be restricted by the system.
Different products have different restrictions. Please refer to trading platform.

* Restriction levels may be increased according to economic data released. Please pay attention to
trading announcements.



Precious Metals Trading - Example

Profit and Loss Calculation:

(Sell Price–Buy Price) x Contract Size x lots +/- total swap fees over period held


Swaps Fees Calculation:

Closed Price x Contract Size x Lots x Annual Interest Rate ÷ 360 days


Trading Example:

Example 1) Client bought 10 lots gold at USD 1,266 and closed positions at USD 1,278 on the same day.

Profit and Loss:
(1,278 – 1,266) x 100 x 10
= USD12,000



Example 2) Client sold 5 lots gold at USD 1,292 and closed positions at USD 1,273 on the following day. Interest rate: 0.5%

Profit and Loss: (1,292 – 1,273) x 100 x 5
= USD 9,500


In addition, Swaps: 1,280 x 100 x 0.5% x 5 ÷ 360
= USD 8.89


Example 3) Client bought 10 lots silver at USD 21 and closed positions at USD 21.89 on the same day.

Profit and Loss:
(21.89 – 21.00) x 5,000 x 10
= USD 44,500