• Spreads from 0.8 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Investors can choose to buy or sell. No matter whether the price goes up or down, investors can still profit from the FOREX market.
  • 24-hour non-stop operation: From Sydney time Monday 08:00 a.m. to Saturday midnight 07:00 a.m. (Winter time: 08:00 a.m.)



FOREX Trading Contract Specifications

Currency Pair, Spot Symbol Lot Size Minimum
Tick Value Initial Margin
EURO vs US Dollar
EURUSD 100,000EUR 0.00001 USD 1 USD US 400
US Dollar vs Japanese Yen
USDJPY 100,000USD 0.001 JPY 100 JPY US 200
British Pound vs US Dollar
GBPUSD 100,000GBP 0.00001 USD 1 USD US 400
US Dollar vs Swiss Franc
USDCHF 100,000USD 0.00001 CHF 1 CHF US 800
Australian Dollar vs US Dollar
AUDUSD 100,000AUD 0.00001 USD 1 USD US 200
New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar
NZDUSD 100,000NZD 0.00001 USD 1 USD US 200
US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
USDCAD 100,000USD 0.00001 CAD 1 CAD US 200
Euro vs Japanese Yen
EURJPY 100,000EUR 0.001 JPY 100 JPY US 400
Euro vs Britain Pound
EURGBP 100,000EUR 0.00001GBP 1 GBP US 400
Euro vs Australian Dollar
EURAUD 100,000EUR 0.00001AUD 1 AUD US 400
Euro vs New Zealand Dollar
EURNZD 100,000EUR 0.00001NZD 1 NZD US 400
Euro vs Canadian Dollar
EURCAD 100,000EUR 0.00001CAD 1 CAD US 400
Euro vs Singapore Dollar
EURSGD 100,000EUR 0.00001SGD 1SGD US 1,000
Euro vs Norwegian Krone
EURNOK 100,000EUR 0.00001NOK 1NOK US 1,000
Euro vs Swedish Krona
EURSEK 100,000EUR 0.00001SEK 1SEK US 1,000
Euro vs Turkish Lira
EURTRY 100,000EUR 0.00001TRY 1TRY US 1,000
Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen
GBPJPY 100,000GBP 0.001JPY 100 JPY US 400
Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar
GBPAUD 100,000GBP 0.00001AUD 1 AUD US 400
Britan Pound vs New Zealand Dollar
GBPNZD 100,000GBP 0.00001NZD 1 NZD US 400
Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar
GBPCAD 100,000GBP 0.00001CAD 1 CAD US 400
Britain Pound vs Singapore Dollar
GBPSGD 100,000GBP 0.00001SGD 1SGD US 1,000
Euro vs Swiss Franc
EURCHF 100,000EUR 0.00001CHF 1 CHF US 800
Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen
CHFJPY 100,000CHF 0.001JPY 100 JPY US 800
Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc
GBPCHF 100,000GBP 0.00001CHF 1 CHF US 800
Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
AUDCHF 100,000AUD 0.00001CHF 1 CHF US 800
New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc
NZDCHF 100,000NZD 0.00001CHF 1 CHF US 800
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
CADCHF 100,000CAD 0.00001CHF 1 CHF US 800
Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
AUDJPY 100,000AUD 0.001JPY 100 JPY US 200
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar
AUDNZD 100,000AUD 0.00001NZD 1 NZD US 200
Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
AUDCAD 100,000AUD 0.00001 CAD 1 CAD US 200
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen
NZDJPY 100,000NZD 0.001 JPY 100 JPY US 200
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
NZDCAD 100,000NZD 0.00001 CAD 1 CAD US 200
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
CADJPY 100,000CAD 0.001 JPY 100 JPY US 200
US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar
USDSGD 100,000USD 0.00001SGD 1SGD US 1,000
US Dollar vs Danish Krone
USDDKK 100,000USD 0.00001DKK 1DKK US 1,000
US Dollar vs Norwegian Krone
USDNOK 100,000USD 0.00001NOK 1NOK US 1,000
US Dollar vs Swedish Krona
USDSEK 100,000USD 0.00001SEK 1SEK US 1,000
US Dollar vs Hungarian Forint
USDHUF 100,000USD 0.001HUF 100HUF US 2,000
US Dollar vs Mexican Pesos
USDMXN 100,000USD 0.00001MXN 1MXN US 1,000
US Dollar vs Polish Zloty
USDPLN 100,000USD 0.00001PLN 1PLN US 1,000
US Dollar vs Turkish Lira
USDTRY 100,000USD 0.00001TRY 1TRY US 1,000
US Dollar vs South African Rand
USDZAR 100,000USD 0.00001ZAR 1ZAR US 1,000
US Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDRUB 100,000USD 0.00001RUB 1RUB US 2,000

Mitrade offer 5 Decimal Pricing in forex trading(JPY currency pairs quoted to 3 decimal places), The Minimum Fluctuation is 0.1 pips.



Forex Trading Rules

Forex Trading
Lot Size 100,000 base currency
Leverage/Margin 1:50 - 1:500
Max. Lot Size
for each Single
0.01 lots – 20 lots
Max. Open
100 Lots
Swap Rate Please refer to the trading platform actual swap rate
Margin Level
When the account equity equals to 20% of used margin, the system may close current
open positions, starting form the most unprofitable trade, at current market price. The
process may continue until the account equity reaches above 20%of used margin.
Lock positions
This refers to holding the same product, in the same amount, but in opposing positions.
Lock positions require a 25% initial margin.
To unlock a locked position, 100% of initial margin is required
Weekend Margin
For clients who have open positions of 10 lots or above and the account equity falls
below 100% of initial margin, Mitrade may close the open positions at market price without
prior notice until the margin reaches above 100% of initial margin on:
Every last trading day (Friday) of the week;
The trading day before holiday (market closed), and
10 minutes before market closed
Trading Hours
Summer Time: Sunday 22:00 to Friday 21:00
(Server Time: GMT+3 Monday 01:00 to Friday 24:00)

Winter Time: Sunday 23:00 to Friday 22:00
(Server Time: GMT+2 Monday 00:00 to Friday 24:00)
Day End Time
Summer Time: Everyday 21:00 (GMT+3 00:00)
Winter Time: Everyday 22:00 (GMT+2 00:00)



Forex Trading Notes

Order Method Through the online trading platform or mobile platform during trading hours
Trading Method Market Order
Buy or sell at market price
Limit Order:
An order to buy or sell a product at the maximum or minimum price
Stop Order:
An order to buy or sell a product when the current market price surpasses the order price
OCO Order:
OCO orders combine a limit order with a stop order. A pair of orders that when the stop order or limit order
is executed, the other order will be cancelled.

If..Then Order:
If...then order consists of two orders. If the first order is executed, the other order
will be placed.
Expiry Mode Apart from market order, clients can set all types of orders on different expiration dates. Orders can expire:

* At any time until the week before the expiration of valid order(Good Till Time ) ;
* Until the last trading day of the week(Good Till Friday/Cancel);
* Good Till Time: the shortest time can be set at 10 minutes

* Please note that all limit orders may have special arrangements on international holiday which may be
announced before the relevant holiday.
Limit / Stop
Order Level
Apart from market orders, limit orders and stop orders level will be restricted by the system.
Different products have different restrictions. Please refer to trading platform.

* Restriction levels may be increased according to economic data released. Please pay attention to
trading announcements.



Profit and Loss Calculation Formula

Direct Quote Products:

Profit and Loss = (Sell Price – Buy Price) x Contract Size x Lots ± Rollover Interest (If any)

Example: EUR/USD
Client bought 5 lots EUR/USD at 1.1010 and closed positions at 1.1060
Profit and Loss: (1.1060 – 1.1010) x 100,000 x 5 ± 0 = USD 2,500
(Contract Size: EUR 100,000)


Indirect Quote Products:

Profit and Loss = (Sell Price – Buy Price) x Contract Size x Lots ÷ Close Price ± Swap Fees(If any)

Example: USD/JPY
Client sold 5 lots USD/JPY at 111.80 and closed positions at 111.30.
Profit and Loss: (111.80 – 111.30) x 100,000 x 5 ÷ 111.30 ± 0 = USD 2,246.18
(Contract Size: USD 100,000)


Cross Rate Products:

Profit and Loss = (Sell Price – Buy Price) x Contract Size x Lots ± Swap Fees(If any)
(Convert to USD for settlement: P/L x Quote Currency/USD or P/L ÷ USD/Quote Currency)

Example1: EUR/JPY
Client sold 5 lots EUR/JPY at 130.80 and closed positions at 130.20.
Profit and Loss = (130.80 – 130.20) x 100,000 x 5 ± 0 = JPY 300,000
Convert to USD for settlement: JPY 300,000 / 120 – USD 2,500
(Rate: USD/JPY = 1 to 120) (Contract size: EUR 100,000)


Example2: EUR/GBP
Client bought 5 lots EUR/GBP at 0.8020 and closed positions at 0.8080.
Profit and Loss= (0.8080 – 0.8020) x 100,000 x 5 ± 0 = GBP 3,000
Convert to USD for settlement: GBP 3,000 x 1.4050 = USD 4,215
(Rate: GBP/USD = 1 to 1.4050) (Contract size: EUR 100,000)


Swap Fees Calculation:

Base Currency x Contract Size x Lots x Annual Interest Rate ÷ 360 days x Exchange Rate of Base Currency and USD

*Swap rate is calculated in each day end time, As the trading week has five days, Three days' fee will be charged on Wednesday while one day's fee will be charged on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
*No swap is paid or received if you open and close a position in the same trading day. Actual interest rates please refer to trading platform as standard.