Financial Services Guide

1. Issue Date

3 May 2016


2. Purpose and Contents of this Financial Services Guide (“FSG”)

This FSG is designed to provide you with important information regarding our services prior to providing you with a financial service, including the following:

  • Who we are & how you can contact us
  • What services we are authorised to provide
  • How we are remunerated for these services
  • Any (potential) conflicts of interest we may have; and
  • Our dispute resolution process.


If you would like further information, please contact us.


3. Name of Service Provider

Mitrade Global Pty Ltd ACN 149 011 361 (“Mitrade”).


4. Australian Financial Services Licence (“AFSL”) authorisations & services provided

Mitrade holds an AFSL (398528) and is authorised to provide financial product advice, deal in financial products and make a market in relation to:

  • Derivatives, and
  • Foreign exchange contracts


for retail and wholesale clients.


5. Contact details

Mitrade Global Pty Ltd

Address: LV 17, 350 Queen St, Melbourne 3000, Vic.,Australia

Tel: +61 3 9670 0339




6. General Advice Warning

We will only provide you with general advice, which does not take account your objectives, financial situation or needs.  Therefore, you are required to ensure that you obtain prior advice regarding the suitability of our products and services for your personal financial needs, objectives and circumstances, from a licensed professional.


While Mitrade believes the general advice and information we provide is accurate and reliable, neither Imp FX nor its directors, officers, employees, contractors or associates assume any  responsibility for the accuracy and completeness or currency of that advice and information.


7. Method of providing financial services

We will receive instructions from you via an on-line trading platform. However, telephone instructions may also be valid if such a service is agreed upon between you and Mitrade prior to the receipt of instructions. Mitrade has the absolute discretion whether to offer you the telephone service or not.


8. Documentation

You may also receive one or more Product Disclosure Statements prepared by us. We will give you a Product Disclosure Statement if we offer to issue our financial products to you. Before deciding to invest in a financial product offered by us, you should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement. The Product Disclosure Statement contains important information about the financial products we are offering, including the risks and costs associated with the financial products we offer.


You will also receive our Terms and Conditions, which is a contract between us and you. These terms will dictate the rights and conditions of each party and contains important information about transacting with us.


Prior to trading you will be required to fill out an Account Application. We will also provide you with transaction confirmations over the trading platform.


9. Professional Indemnity Insurance

In compliance with s912B of the Corporations Act and ASIC RG 126, we maintain professional indemnity insurance in connection with the financial products and services we provide, including any claims in relation to the conduct of our former representatives/employees.


10. Our record-keeping obligations

Mitrade will seek to ensure that comprehensive and accurate records of all client transactions and advice provided, are properly maintained.


11. Who do we act for?

Mitrade is responsible for the financial services it provides to you under its Australian Financial Services Licence, and does not act on behalf of any other financial services licensee.


Mitrade acts as principal in all transactions with you in respect of all financial products offered by Mitrade.



12. Remuneration, commission & benefits expected to be received by Imp FX for provision of our financial services

Mitrade otherwise earns its income from the spread that we apply to our products. This is the difference between the rate at which we buy and sell the financial instruments (i.e. between the wholesale price achieved by Mitrade and your trade price).  This spread is incorporated into the rates quoted to you and is not an additional charge or fee payable by you. These spreads will differ depending on the contracts traded.


Interest may also be earned or paid on open positions. Clients may also incur failure fees on failed transactions or interest charges on outstanding payments.


Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement for current details regarding all fees and charges.


Representatives of Mitrade may receive commissions or other remuneration for the provision of services to our clients at the discretion of senior management having regard to standards of service to clients and feedback from them, their contribution to the firm in general and reaching a range of personal performance targets. Our employees receive salaries, performance bonuses based on achievement of predetermined business objectives such as contribution to profit, client service, client satisfaction, risk management and leadership/team contribution.


We may also pay commissions and referral fees to third parties who refer clients to us. Such payments do not impact the costs of our products or services to you.


13. Disclosure of any relevant conflicts of interest

We do not have any relationships or associations which might influence us in providing you with our services. Mitrade mitigates the risk of conflicts of interest by retaining external legal advisors, ongoing board supervision, implementing compliance procedures and maintaining a Conflicts Register.


14. Dispute Resolution

Mitrade has an internal dispute resolution process in place to resolve any complaints or concerns you may have, as quickly and fairly as possible in all the circumstances. Any complaints or concerns should be advised to us (by email, letter or telephone). Written complaints should be addressed to the Director. The Director will respond to your written complaint within 2 business days and to telephone complaints within 3 business days to advise when a resolution can be expected. In any case we will seek to resolve your complaint within 45 days of the complaint.


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (Tel: 1300 780 808 or via their website:, an approved external dispute resolution scheme, of which Mitrade is a member (No. 25558). You may also make a complaint via the ASIC freecall Infoline on 1300 300 630.


15. Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to compliance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. We may disclose your personal information to external parties who act on our behalf in the operation of our business or in connection with the transactions to be undertaken. Such external parties are required and committed to protecting your privacy and where they are offshore we take reasonable steps to ensure that to the maximum extent reasonably possible any information sent has the same level of privacy protection as we provide here in Australia. Mitrade will not otherwise disclose your personal information without your consent, except as authorised or required by privacy laws. Please refer to our privacy policy on our website, and contact us if you have any concerns.