Exchange rate

Exchange rate

The funding currency of Mitrade account is United States dollar (USD). Our company will update the deposit and withdrawal rates depending on the market exchange rate to minimize the exchange costs for our valued customers and to ensure the exchange rate is fairness and justice.


Currency Rate Updated Time
AUD/USD 0.75 2018/12/13
USD/RMB (withdrawal) 6.85 2018/12/13


Terms & conditions:

  • The above exchange rate is updated once a day, but the actual update depends on the market changes.
  • The exact exchange rate is two decimal places and rounded.
  • The withdrawal rate is settled at the rate that published on the website when the withdrawal is applied.
  • A $ 3 fee will be charged when customer withdraws to the bank and makes a sum equal to or less than $ 50.
  • If 50% of the total deposit amount of the account or the last deposit has not been used for any transaction, our Company will charge 5% of the withdrawal amount and deducted from the withdrawal amount as the administrative fee.